dream weaver

“All Existence is Vibration"
“Sound is the basis of that is"
Joseph Rael

In the beginning there was the Medicine Wheel. I walked its Rounds many times and each time I walked something different showed itself to me. The Circle and the Cross brought me in all Directions, in all Seasons, all Phases of the Moon, in all areas of Day and Night. Again and again and again.
And when I crossed Roads pieces fell into places in a moment of silence right there in the Center, the Center of nothingness, of unmanifestedness, of all potency presence.
But how would it feel if I would start in the Center and go from there weaving the vibrations like Threads into a Web of Life?


I sit in silence and connect myself with the Hive outside. I take my Drum and start playing the Heart Rhythm. And there She is, Otter Woman, soft, quiet, in Peace telling me not to be too serious.
I’m sitting at the Waterside and enjoy being together with Her.
After returning I sit in silence still, holding the Drum, feeling the Circle shape itself into a Hexagon. After 26 years the Circle of my Medicine Wheel is changed into a Hexagon and six Women are standing at its Angles.
Then this Image changes again and I feel how the Medicine Wheel and the Hexagon are unfolding the Heartchakra.
The Hexagon surrounded by a Circle surrounded by 12 Lotus Petals like the 12 Stones in the outer circle of my Wheel.
The Center feels empty. Nothing there. I sit still and wait and listen and feel and breathe. I am breathing and I am breath. I feel the rhythm of breathing, of breath, inside me and around me, contracting – expanding like Ebb and Flow towards and from that Sacred Place. It is here that we can hear the Hum of Bees, it is here that we can hear the Voice of the Hive Mother. Here we Sing everything into Creation weaving vibrations into The Web of Life.
And I know a “Mind Map" is born, a “Mind Map" being a Healing Mantra, a “Mind Map" being a Mandala of Sound.

This writing is published August 28th 2014 as a response to an assignment to create a Mind Map centered around Sacred Beekeeping.
Now, almost two years later, I am again standing in the Center, I’ve consciously stepped into the Center of the Norse Spirit Wheel of Life, into the Living Wisdom of the World Tree, Laerath, The Listener. She invites us to Listen and Feel, to Hear the Whispered Secrets encircling Her and to experience Balance between Mind AND Body – Body AND Mind, and so much more.
In my first Meeting with Her so many pieces fall into place that I haven’t words to describe it not other than – Finally Home – Finally Home With Me.

Yew tree 2




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