Bead by Bead you grew from my hands without even knowing it would be You.
Not until You were resting on my heart I knew a Queen was born.
And as soon as I knew others were able to recognize You, too.

Tinah with BeadI’ve birthed a Queen, a Queen Bee and not until She was in this world I knew that I had birthed Her out of a deep yearning to honor Her, the Queen Bee, our Hive Mother.
And with this Queen I honor all the Queens who are killed by people to keep the Hive from swarming, to keep the Hive from living Her Way.

I honor all Queens who doesn’t get the chance to be born because their birthing spaces are taken away.

I honor the Queen, the Divine Femine, who has been oppressed and suppressed for ages by men, women and by me.

I honor my Inner Queen and by wearing Her I reclaim my Queendom.

I honor the Queen in you, in all my Sisters.

Studying the Bee’s Life Cycle, the In-the-Hive, I’m blown away by the insights I gain.
The Lineage of Bees is Matrilinear. A Worker Bee having the Queen as her mother and inhereting her grandmothers genes through her father, the Drone, because of him genetically being 100% his mother.

So, she, the Worker Bee, originates from her mother and from her grandmother from fathers side.

I can imagine and deeply understand that the Bee, Melissa, for ancient people represented, WAS, the Goddess.
All was born from Her.
And the Drone, Her Son, is playing an important role in this Song of Creation.
The Queen and Drone performing a highly Sacred Ritual in their Union being the Hieros Gamos.

I have given birth to a Queen and She is teaching me.

In these days of Initiation I sit with Her and walk with Her and feel so ready to continue this Sacred Path of Bees. I’m fully committed to it. I will live a Beecentered life and I will serve the Bees My Way the best I can.

I decide to loose some weight because the Queen has to loose weight preparing Herself on Swarming.  The Old Queen will leave the Hive and Swarm (releasing the past) and the New Queen will be born to continue the Hive’s Life (taking next step on my Life’s Path).
When I notice I’ve lost one kg weight I know its time for Swarming, to end and begin again.

Beeswax Candle with HexagonsDressed in white, wearing my self woven Belt and a Medicine Bag with Turtle (Gaia Priestess), Drumming the heartbeat, I open the Hive calling in all six Women of the six Corners and the Great Hive Mother in the Center.

A Beeswax Light is burning and after opening the Hive I keep on Drumming and Singing Bhramari. Then an old Grandmother appears.
We talk for a while and I ask Her: what is it that I should teach?

What I’d love to pass on is the Sacred Inner Work such as “Embodying the Hive/Hive Qualities".  It is not about looking at archetypically or symbolically, it is not a metaphor, it is about embodying it, being it.

Then kneeling down for my Altar Grandmother blesses me with the Sacred Waters from Ashland and gives me a Taste of Honey of the COM’s Honeybees. She draws a Hexagon on my forehead, third eye, with Honey and then lays the Queen Bee Necklace around my neck again just above the Turtle.

A Gaia Priestess has Initiated a Bee Priestess.
I smear Honey on my lips and give my Word by Speaking my Truth.
Then I dance and Drum and Sing and finally close the Hive.

A Melissa is born again.


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