Otter Woman

August 7th 2014

It is for the first time that I will drum myself during my Journey.
I choose the Drum we have made in Malta in March this year. I don’t go to the Beeyard, there I do not feel calm enough to go on a Journey.
I go to my room where I am surrounded by my Altars, a Bee Medicine Wheel in progress (following this year cycle), a Bee Altar, my Bee T-shirt with the drawing of Bees as depicted on the Cretan Pendant.
I first open the Circle and ask the Women on the Directions to help me find my Power Animal.
Then I do the Bhramari Pranayama to connect with my Bees.
I sit and visualise being at the Hive.

The Hive is in front of me. I can feel its Essence and Presence, the atmosphere is peaceful and calm. I walk to the Gate, the Entrance of the Bee Sanctuary and there, somehow, descent to the Otherworld.
I enter a Garden. In the center is Water. I sit on a bench at the waterside and ask my Power Animal to show itself to me.
On my left a Woman appears dressed in Otterskin. I recognize her.
What I feel is the softness and coolness of the skin which I love very much.
Then I see the Animal Shape of the Otter in the water.
Are you my Power Animal, I ask.
They both are silent but stay.
A message coming from the Woman is: don’t be that serious. You should be more playful.
Go to the Otter and sit on Her back. Play with Her.
It takes some time but then I sit on the back of the Otter and we are in the water.
I know that I will travel with Her.
Being on the waterside again the Otter Woman embraces me and then its time to go back to the BeeYard.
Back at the Gate again, back behind the Hive again.
I tune in with the Bees singing with them and am back in my room.

I sit still in meditative state with my arms over my Drum, I feel the circular form and close the Circle speaking to the Women of the Directions who were with me and while doing the circular form changes into a Hexagon. Two Women are added to my Inner “Circle" – Bee Woman in the East, Moon Woman in the West. All six are on the angles of the Hexagon.
I’m home, I’m Ahive.

One hour later I receive the package from the COM, the Beeautiful Medicine Bag and some wonderful Gifts.
One of them is Sacred Water from the Wellsprings and attached is a paper with information about…..Otter.

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