In her Book Women who Run with Wolves Clarissa Pinkola Estes says that it is given to the Feminine to search for and Sing the Song of Creation.
Singing is Speaking with the Voice of our Soul, she says.
Singing is using our Breath to tell the Truth about our weaknesses and our strengths.

I’m a Weaver. I Sing my Song by Drawing Thread from a Distaff, Twisting the Filament and Drawing it onto a rotating Spindle. Spinning Threads for Weaving the Fine Linen of Life.

ISA = I Wait
And the Mystery within is contained and revealed

It was at Winter Solstice 2014 that ISA came my way. In the turmoil of changes She came to me with the Message to Sit and Be Still.
Be still and Listen, Listen and Feel. No plans, no solutions, just sit and be still.
It was at night before falling asleep that She invited me to come and stand on the Ice experiencing spaciousness, feeling clarity and noticing under the Ice some soft rippling of the Waters, deep down below.
She helped me to slow down and to find back Rhythm and Flow of My River of Life.

WOMAN WITH THE DRUM – In the Beginning She was…..
Her story is the second Post on this Blog dated January 31, 2015.
She guided me to the omnipotent nothingness and let me experience how, with the Birth of every Form – thought feeling word – Plant Animal Human – all represented by starting playing the Drum, how I, being the Center of this all, will create Vibrations which will affect Creation in a way not to be foreseen.
And I felt vulnerable in that deep Knowing of responsibility for being a Co-Creator.

HONEY PRIESTESSA – Transforming the Heavy Metals of Life into Gold – Transmuting Nectar into Honey.
The Honey Bees are my Teachers in this Sacred Art of Alchemy.
Moreover, like the Bees Draw Wax from their abdomens to Weave their Frames I’m drawing Thread from the Distaff for Weaving the Fine Linen of Life.

Tinah Bee